Not sure where to find your favorite edible plant on campus?!?

Check out the brand new Edible Campus Interactive Plant Map HERE!  

  • Includes a list of what is growing in each of the Edible Campus gardens
  • Tips on how to harvest and cook with each of the fruits and vegetables
  • Photos, recipes, and more!
  • Made entirely by UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate students

(We also have a non-interactive GIS story map HERE, as well as the map below!)

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.53.53 PM


2 Responses to “Edible Plant Map”

  1. david

    What type of Squash are planted at the pierced brick wall at the east end of the Pit next to the electric substation? thanks

    • Tony Mayer

      The vine on the brick wall is water gourd or calabash. I love it for the flowers, fruits and vigorous growth. It is a traditional Southeastern material for crafts. People do eat the immature fruits and it looks to me like ours are being harvested. Thanks for the question.


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