Our Mission

Edible Campus UNC creates working landscapes across the UNC Chapel Hill campus to facilitate student engagement in topics of food and agriculture sustainability.

Our Gardens

Edible Campus has converted eleven garden beds across campus to incorporate edible, medicinal and pollinator friendly plants. We maintain these “satellite beds” with the help of students in the residence halls and allied organizations. All produce grown in these beds are free to pick by passersby!


In April 2017, we added to our palette a central Edible Campus Garden, located behind Davis Library. This garden serves as a hub of food, social justice, and community-building activity on campus. The produce grown in this garden will be allocated to UNC student organization that are addressing food system issues in their work.


Come check out our gardens on your way to class, and grab a snack!

2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Aisha Anwar

    Dear Edible Campus,

    I love what you all are doing by planting edible, medicinal plants all over campus. I was wondering if you have specific plans to use them for something at say local charities, food shelters or at some sort of annual gathering at UNC. Or are they just openly available for students to take from as they please?

    Aisha Anwar

    • Tony Mayer

      Thanks for your support.
      The edible plants are available to you.
      Please enjoy them but use good judgement.
      Don’t over-harvest or eat anything if you are not sure what it is.
      I am working on signs so people can identify the plants.

      If we have extra it will go to the UNC housekeepers along with food from the CCC Garden.