Welcome to Edible Campus Initiative

Welcome to Edible Campus. We are a student-initiated project of the North Carolina Botanical Garden that promotes edible landscaping at UNC Chapel Hill. We imagine a campus where students can take a study break, walk outside of the library, and harvest a snack. We imagine a campus where students interact with their landscapes in a way that transforms how they think about their role in the food system. What can you imagine?

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Spring Planting, A Success!

Thank you to the awesome gardeners that came out to the planting on Saturday. The beds are looking DELICIOUS! We planted over 50 new plants in the beds across campus, from parsley to rosemary and lavender to prickly pear — an edible cacti!

Eager to plant even more?!? We have some plants that were not yet ready to brave the cold temperatures, but are now ready to go in! This round will include rainbow chard, more parsley, radishes, scallions, garlic chives, kale, calendula and more!

Join us for a casual workday this Wednesday, March 8, at 4:45 PM in the Pit to plant and water them before y’all head off on break.

Happy gardening!

Get ready for veggies outside of Davis Library!
Get ready for veggies outside of Davis Library!
Our Intern Maiya and the Grounds Team getting ready.
Our Intern Maiya and the Grounds Team getting ready.
Awesome team of volunteers at Ram's Head!
Awesome team of volunteers at Ram’s Head!
Passersby digging in! This wasn't posed, I promise!
Passersby digging in! This wasn’t posed, I promise!

Stay Warm, Beds!

Thank you to all who came out for a successful morning workday. As we mulched the beds for winter, we got to snack on some turnips and a whole lot of cilantro. Looks like we’ll be eating guacamole for DAYS! Swing by the garden beds to pick some for your family before the holidays! fall-mulch2fall-mulch1

Our New Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Laura Mindlin has been selected to fill the position of the Edible Campus Coordinator. Laura recently graduated from Skidmore College, where along with earning a degree in Environmental Studies, she worked to improve access to the campus’ edible and natural landscapes. She did so by collaborating directly with Dining Services, with Land and Grounds Services and with senior level administration on the Campus Sustainability Strategic Plan. Since getting her degree, she has worked as a farmhand on two organic farms, one in Upstate New York and the other in Costa Rica. Her experience in community engagement and organic gardening makes her well prepared to take on this role of facilitating the Edible Campus Initiative. Laura is eager to support the growth of this program and will step into the position next week.

Welcome Back

Hello Folks and welcome back to school.

We want to thank all the volunteers who helped keep the gardens alive this summer. Because of their hard work watering and weeding in the heat, we have vegetables, herbs and flowers available for the campus community. Feel free to cut some Zinnias for your desk.


The exciting news is, we are in the middle of hiring a new full time coordinator for the Edible Campus Initiative. We are holding off on a big volunteer workday until we get the new coordinator on board. Our summer horticulturalist, Tony Mayer, is working with APPLES service learning students to maintain the plantings and get fall plantings in the ground. He can use a few more volunteers and will send out an email notice.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.

Please pick the peppers gently and help yourself to other herbs and veggies.

Summer Gardens

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I began my summer job with the Edible Campus, now a part of the NC Botanical Gardens. It’s sad to say goodby to Emily, she did everything to make this project possible. I will miss her.

This summer I’ll keep the Edible Campus garden beds full of healthy plants and do administrative duties until a full time coordinator is hired. If you want to help out please use the “get involved” tab on the main page. I will be on campus once or twice a week to water, weed, plant and enjoy the harvest. Please join me.

Food for thought: School gardens are an interesting design challenge as the academic calendar is not always in sync with gardening (so come get those blueberries this month). I will be experimenting with cover crops on campus this summer to fill in some spaces and keep the beds ready for fall planting. These cover crops produce food for people and wildlife, stabilize and enrich the soil and create beauty of their own.

Like Sorghum…

I look forward to a great season and I appreciate your support.

Tony Mayer

Volunteer with us this summer!

Looking for a way to stay involved with Edible Campus this summer? Our amazing horticulturist Tony Mayer will be caring for the edible garden beds on campus this summer, and he’s looking for help!

The work will be planting, light weeding, and harvesting. Tony can also teach you about garden ecology and landscape design. To sign up for summer volunteering, please send an email to aamayer@ncsu.edu or submit your inquiry here.